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Root Canals


AquaBlue’s Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are a common procedure used to treat infections; they’re the standard treatment for cracked teeth or deep cavities. When an infection reaches the root pulp (or center of the tooth), it can cause incredible pain. Please contact AquaBlue for reliable and professional care! We’ll get to the root of your problem in no time!
AquaBlue’s Root Canal Treatment
Root Canals


How It Works

The purpose of a root canal is to get rid of the bacteria infecting the tooth and save it. During the procedure, pulp and sometimes roots are removed to prevent infection from spreading. This will lead to the patient experiencing a loss of feeling in the tooth. With years of experience, Dr. Yeny Fernandez is gentle, caring, and capable of relieving your pain, protecting your teeth, and solving the problem.


Why It’s Necessary

A root canal is necessary for patients experiencing extreme pain when chewing as well as prolonged sensitivity to cold and heat. Without immediate treatment, the infection could spread to the root pulp and cause an abscess. Book an appointment with AquaBlue and let us take care of your dental needs.
Aquablue-Dental Root Canals
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