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Zoom Teeth Whitening


AquaBlue’s Zoom Teeth Whitening

People whiten their teeth to prevent yellowing and to look and feel great. At AquaBlue Dental, we offer Zoom teeth whitening. It’s an efficient procedure that is quick and produces fantastic, long-lasting results. Reach out to us for expert and trustworthy guidance.
AquaBlue’s Zoom Teeth Whitening


How It Works

Zoom teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that involves applying gel to your teeth and allowing the hydrogen peroxide in the gel to be broken down under the Zoom lamplight. This enables oxygen to enter the tooth’s dentin and enamel; the tooth structure remains intact while the stains are bleached and removed. This procedure is safe and quick. Dr. Yeny Fernandez is an experienced professional and can walk you through the process.


Enjoy a Dazzling Smile

To determine whether this treatment is appropriate for you, we will carefully examine your gums and dental hygiene. Book an appointment with AquaBlue and start your journey to a lovely, dazzling smile with a self-confidence boost.
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